Sharlala; How dare they try to end this beauty.

i'm shar janay. i moved to london sept '11 to study musical theatre at london college of music and its the best thing i've ever done.
likes: musicals; alice ripley; sutton foster; stephanie j block; patrick dempsey; rupert grint; greys anatomy; coffee; diet coke; running; long drives; swimming; singing at the top of my voice; bright colours; oversized jumpers; dance; pointe; photography; modelling; sleep; jason robert brown; getting dressed up; chewing gum; crisps; friends <3.

dislikes: loud eaters; arrogance; over confidence; spiders; not feeling good enough; cold weather.

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  • me: why am i so fat
  • me: eats 17 pizzas
  • me: eats 42 buckets of icecream
  • me: eats entire family
  • me: why

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This couple got wedding rings with the waveform of their own voices saying, “I do.”

This couple got wedding rings with the waveform of their own voices saying, “I do.”

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Charlotte Janay Godfrey

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Charlotte Janay Godfrey


Reading all 134 pages of this blog is funny. Although, funny is a… funny word. I’d almost say that its left me feeling the opposite.

I read through the times when I ran 15k and swam 30 minutes a day without fail and would obsess over food

I read through the time I was in hospital

I read through the time when everyone in PA was my second family.

I read through the times before Emma passed away or we even knew she was ill.

I read the time I was gearing up to go to the MTA after sending my £300 deposit

I read through the time I had to stay an extra year for sixth form and the repercussions it had, missing all my friends that had gone to university, especially Perry.

I read through my obsessions with Princess Diana and Greys Anatomy

I read through the endless pages and pages of useless theatre posts and videos.

This blog provided me with a creative outlet for a long period of time. A way for me to rant and rave and have a secret dig at people I cared too much about to be able to tell them in person. I would constantly post about my worries about going to university or drama school even though, at that time, I felt like I was going to be the best there and sail through. How things have changed. I look back at those posts and just wish that I could be as secretly confident in my abilities and I wonder what it is that has changed my mentality. I visit posts from almost three years ago - and its constant ravings about a new musical I’ve found out about. Pieces that people at my college are only now finding out about. I miss being obsessed with musicals and staying up until 4am researching and finding new material, telling myself that I have the depth and emotional maturity to perform it. I miss being that knowledgable and confident with performing and theatre as a whole. Am I not as driven? Or maybe not as naive? Either way, I’m going to start blogging again because its a good reminder of times, people and obsessions that have passed, and hopefully get back up to my 500 odd followers I had before!

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so adorable.


so adorable.

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